Website Audit

Why should you Audit your Website every 3 months?

Is your site loading too slow? Does your mobile website pass validation? Do you have Schema implemented? How many back links do you have? Are any of your back links low quality? Do you have any broken links on your website? Do you have any Meta issues? Is your URL structure helping or hurting you?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then you need a website audit. A website audit is the perfect starting point to see what needs to be changed. It will help you improve your site speed, responsiveness, content, authority and technical code.

A website audit is a full analysis that I perform of everything related to your website application’s level of search visibility. It is a complete and detailed website audit that gives you a deeper understanding as to why your website is not generating the traffic you think it should or why your sales and conversions are not improving.

If you want people to come to your website rather than to your competitors’ you should make sure that your website is better optimized to get the required results. People will continually use a website that is relevant, up to date, fast, easy to navigate, looks good and has reliable information.

A good website audit will give your business a great starting point to improve it’s online presence. It will include all of the current issues your website is facing that is preventing it from doing as well as it could and also a complete assessment of what you can do to improve the areas that are lacking.

I scan your website and identify all bugs, then lists them in a report with indicators so you can see their impact. This report will contain fixes on how you can resolve these bugs. I also share advice on how you can improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) rankings.

I perform Technical, On-Site, Off-Site and Social Audits. I make sure that your site is well coded and runs fast. Perform full review and analysis of all pages for proper keyword use in all pertinent areas (H1-H6, title tags, content etc.). Analyse back links, anchor text, authority and trust (review current mentions and visibility).

Once you implement the suggestions, you should begin to see a positive impact to your website and business operations. A comprehensive quarterly website audit can help your website stay healthy and grow your business.