Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance in Growth-Driven Design projects

Over the course of my career in the web development industry, I have noticed that a lot of businesses (both SMME’s and large corporations) only consider Quality Assurance as the last phase of the Website Design or Redesign projects. This results in many defects or bugs (Imperfections or a flaws in a website application that can be caused because of several reasons such as human errors to technical glitches.) that could have been prevented before development being found at a later stage in the project.

As a Quality Assurance consultant, I am one of the people who use your product (Website Application) the most, I test things out everyday, break things and have fun while at it. Testing the obvious isn’t enough for me. My job is to think up creative and even off-the-wall approaches to finding bugs. I strive for perfection, but I also know when it is not attainable and I’m fine with getting as close as I can.

My expertise are very crucial in the planning phases of every Website Application Development or Growth-Driven Design project as this allows me to share my concerns to all project stakeholders, by considering both the product and it’s associated project risks, and also by bringing up potential issues and questions about functionality that may not have been considered earlier.

Even if the launchpad website is developed with maximum care by the website developers or engineers, there may be some bugs in it. For this reason, before the website application is released, it should be thoroughly tested to fix those bugs at an early stage of the project. Testing is an important phase in any Growth-Driven design project as it ensures that there are no defects or bugs in the website application.

Being a certified software testing expert, I am able to test your website applications (both Internal and Customer-Facing) efficiently and add value to your business operations. I adhere to the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) standard strategies and guidelines, by always ensuring that a high quality product is delivered at all times.

Whether you follow the Traditional Website Design or Growth-Driven Design methodology, Quality Assurance and testing should not be the last step in your development process. You should perform manual and automated testing during each and every stage of your website application development and optimize your website in the best possible way.