Sales Enablement

How to Identify, Connect, Explore and Advise your Customers

I work with your organisation by providing you with data-driven strategies and processes that provide your sales team with the information, content and tools that help them sell more effectively. My primary goal is getting the right information into the hands of the right sales people at the right time and place, and in the right format, to move a sales opportunity forward.

I use sales enablement as a strategic, ongoing process of equipping customer-facing employees with the content, support, and tools they need to sell effectively. The primary purpose of this exercise is to help sales and marketing (sMarketing) teams work together to improve customer conversations and close more deals.

I provide tools to connect sales teams to the most relevant content for each opportunity in the buying cycle. I provide flexible ways to present content to customers. I deliver real-time visibility into whether or not your customers find content engaging. I apply advanced analytics so pitches and content can be optimized. I also enable the sales team to get the training they need and measuring how effectively that training delivers bottom line results

By thinking strategically and applying best practices in the critical areas of content management, training, playbooks and sales operations, I can drive astounding results and transform sales effectiveness. This will assist you in identifying, connecting and advising your customers by using strategic alignment of resources and actions to produce effective, efficient sales operations.

Building on this simple framework for understanding sales enablement, sales leaders can more easily choose appropriate metrics for evaluating the success of sales enablement initiatives. They will be able to prioritise active buyers, craft personalised messages, uncover deep buyer goals and provide advise that is tailored to the customer’s context.

Whether you are on-boarding new hires or providing resources for existing sales team to access on the go, you need to create content that’s engaging and promotes learner retention. You should always have content as a selling tool. The more assets sales team have at their disposal, the more prepared they’ll be to effectively engage with prospects and customers.

Once again, video can be a powerful tool for nurturing opportunities and on-demand communications, but whitepapers, data sheets and other content types are also useful. Similarly, brochures, PowerPoint presentations or product demonstrations are especially critical for live and in-person conversations.